and i feel like i'm naked in front of a crowd

cause these words are my diary screaming out LOUD

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Sarah ღ
9 October

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I'm Sarah. I'm 20 years old and a sophomore in college. I come from a small town
that is quickly becoming not-so-small. I'm emotional, sensitive, and I over-react about
almost everything.
I tend to assume the worst about people and situations so I will never
be let me down, because it's happened so many times. I'm probably one of the nicest people
you will ever meet, and I will do just about anything for you, until you do something to
hurt me or someone I love. I strongly believe in second chances and I believe everyone is
capable of changing if they have something that motivates them enough. Sometimes I give
too many second chances and it comes back to bite me in the ass. Overall, I am fun loving
and want to have a good time no matter what the situation is.

I am obsessed with the show Charmed, (RIP). Even though it has ended it will always
live in my heart and the hearts of those who also loved it. I love movies and music of all
sorts. I am a sucker for romance in movies AND music. I will listen to just about
anything, no matter the genre because I listen more to the lyrics than the beat or the
type. I draw a lot of inspiration from music and it is my therapy. I will never go far
without my iPod
. I love blue and also pink, which is good because it's one of my school's colors.
I love horses, though I haven't been lucky enough to own any yet. I have been riding
since I was twelve and it is my passion.
I enjoy the simple things in life: walking barefoot
on the beach, feeling grass under my feet, cuddling while watching movies, kisses in the rain.
I am most definitely a quote person and I draw inspiration from those too. =)
I love anything pasta related or carbohydrate related and fruit too. My favorites are mangos
and strawberries.
I love every one of my LJ friends, and although I am always excited to meet new people,
I will def. check you out before I will consider adding you. Just comment on my FRIENDS ONLY
page if you are interested. I'm kind of just floating right now, and life is full of its
ups and downs, but I have all I've waited for and I could not ask for more.

Love's when . . . . you miss him
even before he leaves, when you
could listen to him talk all night and
never get tired of hearing his voice
when just the sound of his name
sends chills down your spine
and you see his smile
the second you
close your

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